2017-18 MLB free agent tracker

(photo credit- realsport101.com)

The heart of Major League Baseball’s offseason is upon us and we will be tracking where each significant free agent goes along the way. The list of free agents is obviously extensive but we will be focusing on these players for the time being;

Yu Darvish (RHP)- Darvish was a top priority for LA going into the trade deadline with a number of their starting pitchers like Scott Kazmir and Hyun-Jin Ryu on IR. Although they did land him, Darvish did not pitch particularly well following his departure from Texas.

JD Martinez (RF)- This could easily be one of the most underrated players in baseball over the last 3 to 4 years. Martinez hit for 40+ HRs and 100+ RBIs in 2017. Expect him to get a max contract no matter where he goes.

Eric Hosmer (1B)- Many thought and hoped Hosmer would finish his career in Kansas City but his production along with the other free agents to be made it pretty much impossible for KC to re-sign him.

Jake Arrieta (RHP)- Although Arrieta has not been the same pitcher he was in 2015, the talent and flashes of dominance are still there. Arrieta should also command big money considering the fact that’s he arguablY the best starting pitcher on the market.

Lorenzo Cain (CF)- Another Royals player that the team is attempting to re-sign. Cain is an all around athlete and close to a 5-tool player. Another valuable trait about Cain is that he is a true center fielder and can play the position exceptionally well.

Wade Davis (RHP)- Davis was once considered the best closer in baseball by a good amount of fans. He has since taken a step back but is still a very solid option in the 9th inning which will always have a place in this league.

Jay Bruce (RF)- When Bruce was traded to the Indians at the trade deadline it didn’t come as a surprise to many, however his play did. Bruce regained the level of success he had as a Cincinnati Red  and was a huge part of the Indians 22 game win streak last year.

Todd Frazier (3B)- The Yankees did not have a ton of big expectations going into the season but still managed to get to within a game of the World Series. Todd Frazier was a big reason why, even though he saw his production slide from 40 to 27 homeruns. I expect the Yanks to try to re-sign him.

Some other free agents to watch for are 1B Carlos Santana and 3B Mike Moustatkas. There are a lot of great free agents in this class and it should be very interesting to cover.




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