Could Alabama Miss the Playoff?

Could Alabama be left out of the College Football Playoffs?

It’s a very real possibility.

Rivalry week, for some it’s more important than their Bowl Game. For teams like Michigan and Ohio State, it means everything. Out of all the games, the most influential one is (1) Alabama at (6) Auburn, which Auburn won 26-14. But that’s not the only game that changes up the College Football world.

(2) Miami was shocked by Pitt during their game. Everyone thought that “The U is Back” and they’d be making the playoffs and potentially even going to the national championship. But they were defeated by Pitt 24-14. For this scenario, let’s say they don’t make it, which they probably wont.

After the (1) Alabama and (2) Miami loss, neither of them will be the top two teams anymore. Due to Miami not having an extremely strong schedule, they probably won’t make the final four. Alabama hasn’t had a tough schedule either, so it could be the same story with them.

(4) Oklahoma trounced West Virginia with the final of 59-24, depending on how dominate Clemson is against South Carolina, that could make them the number one, or number two team.

(5) Wisconsin completed their 12-0 quest, with a 31-0 route of Minnesota today, and that means they will move onto the Big Ten Championship against (9) Ohio State, who defeated Michigan today with the final of 31-20. If Wisconsin wins that game, it’s almost guaranteed that they will be in the top four, but what if Ohio State wins? That’s when it gets interesting. During the short life of the College Football Playoffs, there has never been a two loss team, and there has always been a representative from the Big Ten, and the SEC.

So bring the attention back to the SEC, where the stage is set for the (currently) (6) Auburn Tigers against the (7) Georgia Bulldogs. I personally believe whoever wins this game will be in the playoff instead of Alabama. So they’ll be either the three or four seed.

Let’s hop over to the Big 12, featuring a stud Quarterback for (4) Oklahoma named Baker Mayfield. Baker has been a man on a mission all year, having an outstanding year, and almost certainly a Heisman season. If they beat (12) TCU in the Big 12 Championship, they’ll be in. If they happen to loose, no Big 12 team will make the cut.

Over in the ACC with (2) Miami and (3) Clemson, we have the stage set for the championship. Whoever wins this game will be in the CFB playoffs. For the sake of Miami recently taking a loss to Pitt, let’s say Clemson wins that matchup.

So here are my prediction for the College Football Playoffs seedings, who will be in, and who will be out.

(1) Oklahoma –  A one loss team coming off a big win over TCU in the championship, with one of the most exciting offenses in College Football, this team has to be the most dominate in the nation.

(2) Auburn – Auburn is coming off of two big wins, upsetting #1 Alabama, and then going on to the SEC championship and beating a former #1 Georgia, the Tigers are the real deal.

(3) Clemson – The tigers are still your reigning National Champions, and will be competing for the title once again coming off only a one loss season, and beating “The U” and formerly #2 team in the country.

(4) Wisconsin – The 12-0 Badgers, the only undefeated team in the Playoff, but as the four seed. Maybe it’s because their wins weren’t all quality, but it’s probably because their schedule wasn’t as strong as some of the other teams. But that young running back, Jonathan Taylor, could be aiming to get Wisconsin their second National Championship.


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