Is this the end of the road for D-Rose?

(Photo Credits: Rob Carr/Getty Images)


D-Rose was once one of the most electricfying young players in the NBA, coming out of Memphis is looked like Rose was destined for a great NBA career.

Now after a career full of injuries, Rose stepped away from the Cavs this week and leaves the world wondering.

Is this the end for Derrick Rose?

Rose started out at Memphis as one of the most intriguing college prospects in the 2007-08 season. Rose shared the team with fellow NBA player Chris Douglas-Roberts, both of who averaged over 10 points per game.

Back then the Memphis Tigers were led by Coach Calipari (whos now the famed Kentucky basketball coach) and the Tigers ended up finishing the year 38-2 with an impressive 16-0 conference record. Of course with those stats the Tigers secured a #1 seed and won their way straight to the National Championship. In the National Championship they met fellow #1 seed Kansas Jayhawks who were led by NBA players Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers.

Memphis fell to Kansas by 7 and D-Rose decided after one year that he would take his talents to the NBA where he was drafted Rd 1/Pick 1 by the Chicago Bulls, a team known for great history, thought they had their next star.

Derrick Rose on Draft Night (Photo Credits: David Dow/NBAE/Getty Images)

Rose’s first year was a huge success in minds of Bulls fans after he joined an exclusive list with Michael Jordan and Elton Brand for Bulls rookies to win Rookie Of The Year. He also joined elite company with LeBron James as the only 2 #1 picks to do so. Among all those accolades, he also made the All-Rookie First Team and led his teams to the playoffs where he dropped 36 and 11 in route to winning the first game of the series. Unfortunately that would be all the farther the Bulls got in the playoffs as theyd lose to Boston in that series.

As the accolades begin to pile in (MVP, All star games etc.) the injuries crept up on Rose as he had ankle problems in 09/10, then in 2012 he tore his ACL which forced him to miss that whole 12/13 season. After returning the next season he only played a handful of games before he tore his meniscus and missed the rest of the 13/14 season. Between the 12/13 and 13/14 season, D-Rose only played 10 NBA games and that’s when his injury troubles began.

After Rose’s Bulls tenure ended, he was traded as a part of a package deal to the New York Knicks where he became an outcast and a shell of his former MVP self. Rose was buried on bad Knicks teams behind Carmelo and only played 60 games in his season with the Knicks.

Destined for a return to that old form, Rose signed a contract with the Cavaliers to kick off the 17-18 season, a chance to play along side a former #1 pick in LeBron James seemed like a great fit for Rose.

But it doesn’t look like that recently as it was reported that Rose has stepped away from the game and doesn’t know if he will return. According to ESPN, Rose said he’s sick of being hurt and its ruining him emotionally.

Will we see the MVP return to basketball? Or is the man we know as D-Rose done with the NBA?




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