Baker’s World

Oklahoma Quarterback Baker Mayfield is arguably one the most polarizing college football players ever. He sure is the most interesting and exciting player to watch during the 2017-18 college football season. Yes, he is the rags to riches story everybody loves. A two time walk on is now leading the Heisman race. Baker is known for having a huge “chip on his shoulder.”  This is said to come from a full cast of doubters. Since he was a young kid, coaches and people always said he was too short, too small, too slow… He has stated many times that those comments are what motivate him.

After a quick stop in Lubbock, Texas, Mayfield transferred from Texas Tech to Oklahoma. Bob Stoops the head coach at OU at the time didn’t know much about Mayfield. All it took Mayfield was an opportunity, and after once walking on for the Red Raiders at Texas Tech, number six did it again in Norman, Oklahoma.

Fast forward to three years later. Baker Mayfield has the stats and highlights to show what he can do. However, in addition to that he has had some embarrassing moments off the field as well. Moments of stupidity, where it portrays him as a player that causes problems. One example of this is last week vs Kansas. During the television broadcast he was caught making an obscene gesture. It resulted in him missing the first drive of the West Virginia game a week later, and being stripped of his captain title as well.

Through the ups and downs, no player is under as much pressure and publicity as Baker Mayfield. He may be underrated, he may fall, but he always finds a way to rise up. The next chance to rise up will be in next week’s Big 12 championship game vs TCU.


One thought on “Baker’s World

  1. Nice article. I don’t follow college football, so this helped me learn about this guy that I often see on SportsCenter.


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