Here Comes The Flash, Gordon Returns This Weekend

(Photo Credits: Joshua Gunter/AP)

Josh Gordon has not seen an NFL field in game action since December of 2014, now after promising to stay sober, Gordon will return against the Chargers this weekend.

Gordon admitted to media members before his return that he played the majority of his games before being suspended under the influence of something.

Under the influence, Gordon put up some insane numbers. Including a pro bowl birth in 2013. In that same season he was a pro bowler he was also a first team all-pro and put up some of the best numbers in the league.

14 G, 87 REC, 1,646 Yds, 9 TDs, 117.6 Y/G (Receiving Yards Per Game)

He led the league by almost 200 yards, also led in longest catch and blew out everyone else in Y/G, leading the league by 11 points.

As reported by ESPN, Gordon is anticipated to play and play as much as he can. Which really excites his coach and many of fans who loved to see Gordon play when he was sober.

Gordon will be a spotlight in a beyond weak offense and a beyond weak browns team as they are still the only team in the NFL trying to find their first win in the 2017 season.

Hopefully adding one of the more star studded wide receivers from 2013 will jump start this Browns team. Also, lets hope that Josh Gordon retains that form that he had before his suspension.


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