The Case for UCF

(Photo: John Raoux / Associated Press)

As the college football season is coming to a close, we enter into the season of frenzy, or as many like to call it, bowl season. In less than a week, we will know the teams who will be getting the opportunity to play in the 4th Annual College Football Playoff. After Auburn’s beat down of Alabama and Pittsburgh’s upset win over Miami, the results of this upcoming slate of games will be the true decider as to who makes the final four. Auburn, Oklahoma, Clemson, and Wisconsin all have excellent chances of taking those four spots, with Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and Miami right on their heels. The one team missing from this list however is the undefeated UCF Knights.

In his second year coaching the UCF Knights, Scott Frost has turned last season’s 6-7 record into a current 11-0 record. A remarkable turnaround which has resulted in Frost getting interests from schools such as Nebraska to be their next head coach, yet still this UCF team is getting overlooked at a chance to sit amongst the top four of college football. Now the biggest argument that some would make against UCF being in the top four would most likely be their strength of schedule, which is fair to argue, but let’s compare them to undefeated Wisconsin.

Wisconsin currently sits at No. 5 in the rankings, although they will most likely move up when the rankings get released today. Wisconsin controls their own destiny as they face Ohio State next week in the Big Ten Championship. Wisconsin has played only two ranked teams all season, one being the current five loss Iowa Hawkeyes and the other the four loss Michigan Wolverines. UCF has faced one ranked opponent, which is the current two loss USF Bulls. Wisconsin and UCF have shared a similar opponent this season which was Maryland. Wisconsin beat the Terrapins at home by 25 while UCF won on the road by 28.

Granted this is little evidence to prove my point, but is there another reason why UCF isn’t getting the respect they deserve? They aren’t even being considered for a spot in the playoff discussion. Is it because they wouldn’t draw as much of a TV audience as an Alabama or Ohio State would? Is it because they aren’t a member of a Power 5 Conference? What is it? UCF has done all they have been asked to do this season. They have gone into every game and taken care of business. For that, I think it is fair to say that UCF deserves to be in the discussion come this Sunday evening when the playoff committee makes their final selections.


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