Lavar Ball pulls LiAngelo Out of UCLA

(Photo Credits: Getty Images)


LiAngelo Ball, the lesser of the known Ball brothers will be pulled from UCLA by his father, Lavar Ball.

The Ball’s are well known for Lavar Ball who has backed his sons with insane amounts of confidence. Claiming his oldest son Lonzo (one of the most famous lakers at the moment), is better than some of greatest basketball players alive.

The other Ball brothers are LaMelo (removed from high school a couple months ago by Lavar) and LiAngelo,who Lavar just removed from UCLA.

LiAngelo just made news headlines as he went to China for UCLAs first game of the year and stole from a store they went to. After that crime they committed all 3 UCLA  players were suspended indefinitely from the University. We havent seen those 3 players back yet, and now since LiAngelo hasnt played, Lavar has pulled him from the program.

Lavar has a master plans for his sons, now with both of them out of school, Lavars plan is in place.


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