The Ben McAdoo adventure is over

Photo Credits: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

After two years the New York Giants decided to deactivate Ben McAdoo’s key card and release him from his head coaching duties. While they were at it they also fired their General Manager, Jerry Reese.

McAdoo who was the team’s offensive coordinator for two years before he became the Head Coach, got fired only a day after the team lost 24-17 to the Oakland Raiders. The move came as no big surprise since this loss made the Giants drop to a 2-10 record with only four weeks remaining in this season.

The loss on Sunday was McAdoo’s nail in the coffin, but the move to fire him came as little surprise, a week after Eli Manning was benched in favor of Geno Smith. The decision to bench Eli Manning after 210 consecutive starts was met with a lot of criticism throughout the NFL.

What stands out when looking at McAdoo’s time with the team is the regression from his first year to his second year. After reaching the Wildcard round last year with an 11-5 record the Giants completely fell apart this season and are currently sitting at the bottom of the NFC with a 2-10 record, which made the move to fire McAdoo an easy decision for the team

While the Giants were at it they decided to completely change their front office by also firing long time General Manager Jerry Reese after ten years with the team. Jerry Reese, who helped with assembling two Super Bowl winning teams, was partially responsible for the teams awful season by failing to put together a serviceable team. Especially the Offensive Line play and the running game were extremely disappointing.

The Giants will finish out their season with Steve Spagnuolo as their interim Head Coach. He got promoted from being the defensive coordinator.


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