Will 2018 Have Upset Winners?

Photo credits: nascar.com

Going back to the 2017, there were a lot of upset winners and first time winners. Austin Dillon played fuel mileage and won the endurance race at Charlotte. Ryan Blaney held of Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick at Pocono. We also saw Ricky Stenhouse Jr not only win Talladega but also Daytona.

Looking into the 2018 season, will we see anymore first time winners or upset winners? I believe so. Smaller teams are starting to make their mark in the sport. In 2018, I believe Chase Elliott will grab his first career win. I also think rookie William Byron has a really good shot at winning as well.

Now as an upset winner, I believe Eric Almirola has a great chance. He’s a sleeper on plate tracks and for him to go to Stewart-Haas Racing makes his chance that much better.

With a lot of drivers moving around and veterans retiring, the young drivers have a chance to make their name be heard. The 2018 season could be one of the best seasons in the last 5 years. Rookies, young drivers, and veterans all fighting but just how hard are younger guys willing to fight with the veterans?

2017 was full of surprises but will 2018 be the same? Will we run out of playoff spots with more than 16 winners?


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