Ole Miss Football: Assessing the Landscape Post Week 11

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Ole Miss Football: Assessing the Landscape Post Week 11

In a challenging environment in Athens, Ole Miss faced a formidable opponent, resulting in one of the most significant setbacks of the season. The Rebels’ performance against ranked teams has been a mixed bag, securing victories against Tulane and LSU but succumbing to the might of Alabama and Georgia.

As Lane Kiffin navigates through the remainder of the season, a 10-win outcome is still within reach, with crucial matchups against U.L. Monroe and Mississippi State in the upcoming Egg Bowl. Despite the stinging 52-17 loss, Ole Miss holds the potential to clinch a favorable bowl game, salvaging the season’s narrative.

Player Spotlight: Quinshon Judkins

Ole Miss Football: Assessing the Landscape Post Week 11

Amid the adversity faced against Georgia, Quinshon Judkins emerged as the beacon of hope for Ole Miss. After a challenging start to the season, Judkins showcased the promised potential, amassing 75 rushing yards and contributing two touchdowns against a formidable Georgia defense.

Deploying Judkins with 22 carries, Ole Miss unveiled a newfound offensive weapon. Despite falling short of the 100-yard mark, Judkins has accumulated an impressive 868 yards rushing and 15 total touchdowns this season. To sustain offensive success, Ole Miss should consider increasing Judkins’ involvement in upcoming games.

New Face in the Mix: Daijahn Anthony

Daijahn Anthony provided a silver lining on the defensive front, amassing six total tackles and securing the team’s sole takeaway through an interception. Joining Ole Miss after a stint at Liberty, Anthony has emerged as a veteran leader on defense, ranking fourth in team tackles and third in interceptions.

With 39 tackles, 2 interceptions, 2.5 tackles for loss, 6 passes defended, and 1 forced fumble, Anthony’s contributions have been instrumental. Despite the defensive struggles against Georgia, Anthony’s consistent performances offer stability to the Ole Miss defense.

Unexpected Challenge: Offensive Struggles Despite Efficiency

Ole Miss Football: Assessing the Landscape Post Week 11

Ole Miss exhibited efficiency with an average of 7.2 yards per pass and 4 yards per run against Georgia. However, the stumbling block came on third downs, hampering the overall offensive output. Despite maintaining a robust average of 6.7 yards per play throughout the season, Ole Miss encountered difficulties during critical junctures, leading to challenges in conversions.

Cause for Concern: Elusiveness in Crucial Games

While Ole Miss is still on track for a 10-win season, the team’s struggles in pivotal matchups raise concerns. The losses against Alabama and Georgia showcased offensive challenges on third downs, signaling a need for adjustments to perform consistently in high-stakes games.

Emerging Pattern: Discipline Woes on the Road

Road games have posed significant challenges for Ole Miss, evident in the team’s 33 penalties in away matches this season. Ranking as the SEC’s second-most penalized team, Ole Miss must address discipline concerns, especially with an impending away game against Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl.

Key Metric: Vulnerability in Pass Defense

Georgia exploited Ole Miss’s vulnerability in pass defense, averaging an impressive 12.6 yards per pass attempt. The secondary struggled to contain Georgia’s passing plays, allowing Carson Beck to approach a season-high in passing yards. Improvements in the defensive unit are imperative to face future aerial challenges.

Outlook for the UL Monroe Game: A Chance for Rejuvenation

Following a challenging road loss, Ole Miss returns home to face U.L. Monroe, a team they have historically dominated. This game offers a strategic opportunity for Ole Miss to recalibrate and regain momentum before the crucial Egg Bowl. U.L. Monroe, with a 2-8 record, provides a favorable matchup for Ole Miss to fine-tune its strategies.

By addressing offensive hiccups, reinforcing composure on the road, and fortifying the defense, Ole Miss aims to position itself for success in the remaining games of the season.

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